532-582-618 Labor Prices


Completely disassemble, test all electrical values and mic all tolerances, clean and decarb, replace all worn or broken parts, rebuild two carburetors, measure end play on B type gear box and reshim if necessary. True crankshaft. Time rotary system. Clean and adjust rave valves on 618 engines.


Replace rotary valve/water pump seals. This service includes complete removal of rotary valve assembly, rebuilding and polishing shaft.


Cylinder honing

 $45.00 per cylinder

Decarb and mic rings, cylinder walls, and piston to wall clearance. (pistons are removed and clean completely)

 $3000.00 (engine off aircraft)

Machine older style 582 to accept ceramic seal.

$75.00 (engine off aircraft)

All electrical and other types of service.

 $85.00 per hour